New teething rings added to our Silver Baby Rattle collection

silver teether rattle

Since 2006, CHRISTENINGsilver has built up a comprehensive range of silver baby rattles. For 2013 we are adding to this collection with a series of teething rings in sterling silver and silver plate.

Teething rings with silver rattles attached were a popular Christening gift at the turn of the last century, and these modern examples reflect the style of their Victorian and Edwardian counterparts. Whilst nowadays these teethers are considered rather more ornamental than practical, you should be prepared for them to receive a few bashes and dents on the way. If you look at any antique version, it is sure to carry one or two dents here and there if it’s been treated as intended ….

silver teether rattle

These make great gifts for both boys and girls. You can see the full range on our Silver Rattles page.


Easter is a popular time for Christenings

Easter is a busy time here at CHRISTENINGsilver. We will be shipping more Christening gifts over the next few weeks than in the previous few months – This period over Easter and the start of Spring is very popular for Christenings & Baptisms.

… if only the weather was a bit more Spring-like. It was three degrees below freezing outside the CHRISTENINGsilver offices this morning …

There has been a close connection between Christenings and Easter for centuries. It was traditional in the early Church for baptisms to take place during the Easter Vigil and today many churches include a Christening ceremony during their Easter Sunday service.

This is not surprising, the associations between, Spring, resurrection, rebirth, baptism and Easter have been intertwined like a celtic knot for thousands of years. Baptism’s themes of purification, embracing of new life and welcoming a child into the family are eternal themes we have celebrated since we first started bashing rocks together in some palaeolithic cave.

The timing of Easter is based on the Vernal Equinox, an important pagan festival of birth, rebirth and purification …. although the calculation of the date of Easter around the equinox can be a bit of a headache: Easter should fall on the first Sunday after the full moon following the Vernal Equinox. Got that? Basically, you calculate the date of the equinox, work out when the next full moon is after the equinox and then Easter falls on the Sunday following that full moon – any time between March 22nd and April 25th … oh, and if the equinox falls on the 19th or 20th of March, just pretend it was the 21st – it makes things a lot easier.

Easter itself is named after a pagan goddess of Spring and new life, Eostre. Interestingly, she is closely linked in mythology with the hare (or if you prefer, the Mad March Hare) that many thought laid eggs at Easter – hence the “Easter Bunny” … and what’s our most popular Christening gift at this time of year? … you’ve guessed it … a Silver Egg Cup.


Easter Bank Holiday Deliveries

Christening egg cup and spoon

Due to the Easter Holidays, Christening gifts purchased after 12 noon (GMT) on Thursday 28th March will not be dispatched until Tuesday 2nd April.

Any “Next Day” orders placed between 12 noon (GMT) on Thursday 28th March and 12 noon (BST) on Tuesday 2nd April  will be delivered on Wednesday 3rd April before 1pm.

Wishing you a happy Easter Holiday …. stay warm!!


New Pewter Christening Cups and Tankards


Over the next few weeks we will be adding to our Christening cup and tankard range with a collection of pewter baby cups, mugs and tankards.

With the price of silver remaining high, we are finding it difficult to offer sterling silver cups below £150.00 and our most competitively priced silver plate cups are now priced around £75.00. Many of you are looking for high quality gifts, but have a budget closer to £50.00 and it is for this reason we are introducing the new pewter range.

Pewter Christening Tankard

These are no ordinary pewter cups, they are based on the same designs as some of our silver cups and are made to the same quality craftsmanship and finish. Not only that, they are presented in truly impressive hinged cases, similar to the ones we use for our sterling silver range. We are confident that these are gifts you will be proud to give.

Some of these pewter cups can be engraved with up to three lines of text and can be dispatched on the same day if you order before 12 noon and select Next Day delivery.

… a Christening cup, engraved and beautifully presented for around £50.00 … what’s not to like?



CHRISTENINGsilver site re-launch

Since it was first launched in 2006, CHRISTENINGsilver has grown to become one of the web’s leading suppliers of Christening gifts in sterling silver, silver plate and pewter, shipping thousands of orders annually to buyers in both the UK and overseas. Now, after more than seven years, CHRISTENINGsilver has had a complete redesign based around a new software platform, aimed at enhancing the shopping experience for all visitors to the site.

The new site, built on the Magento eCommerce platform, has been designed to help visitors find and purchase gifts with ease and in total security. The fresh design is clean and uncomplicated, showcasing over 200 products in an attractive and informative way. Movement between categories and products is smoother and more intuitive, whilst the secure checkout offers additional services such as gift wrap, a gift message service and a greetings card shop with a selection of Christening & Baptism cards.

Customers can create and manage online accounts to monitor orders, save and distribute wishlists and store alternative delivery addresses, whilst the streamlined order management system allows customers to be informed of order updates by both email and within their online account.

The new site has been tested exhaustively for functionality and security. We apologise if you still encounter some minor glitches over the next couple of weeks with a missing page or a broken link – these should now be fairly rare and are being ironed out as they occur.

We hope you like the new site. Please do send us any feedback (brickbats as well as bouquets) and we look forward to serving your Christening gift needs for the next seven years.