Christening Speech – Top Toast Tips


If you’re not used to public speaking, standing up to make a toast or speech in front of a packed Christening party can seem a bit daunting. Here are a few simple tips to making a successful Christening Speech or Baptism Toast:

1) Thank the parents for organising such a special Christening and thank them for giving you the honour of being the little bundle of joy’s godparent.

2) Before the speech, talk to your godchild’s parents and ask if there is anything special they wish you to say on their behalf – there may be relatives who have travelled a long way or friends who have been particularly supportive.

3) Briefly discuss how lucky your godchild is to be born into such a loving family and look to his/her future with hope.

4) Assure your godchild, the parents and the party that you will be there as a mentor and guide through the good times and in adversity.

5) If possible put in a quick word of thanks for the vicar or priest, the catering staff and all the guests for attending such a special occasion and for their Christening gifts.

Finally finish off with a short toast. There are a few ideas listed below which you can personalise. But the bottom line is – don’t be too sentimental. Short and to the point goes down well with all concerned.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses and drink a toast to young Johnny  – wealth, health & happiness!”

“Be loving with your family, selfless with your friends and generous to everyman.”

“We wish young Johnny good fortune, health and peace on his journey through life. May he find love and comfort when he is troubled, may he find true friendship as he grows and may he learn to be kind and considerate to everyone he meets over what we hope will be a long and happy life.”

If you have any additional advice for a future Christening speech or Baptism Toast please do add your comments here … There are plenty of first time godparents out there who would appreciate a bit of support!