Easter is a popular time for Christenings

Easter is a busy time here at CHRISTENINGsilver. We will be shipping more Christening gifts over the next few weeks than in the previous few months – This period over Easter and the start of Spring is very popular for Christenings & Baptisms.

… if only the weather was a bit more Spring-like. It was three degrees below freezing outside the CHRISTENINGsilver offices this morning …

There has been a close connection between Christenings and Easter for centuries. It was traditional in the early Church for baptisms to take place during the Easter Vigil and today many churches include a Christening ceremony during their Easter Sunday service.

This is not surprising, the associations between, Spring, resurrection, rebirth, baptism and Easter have been intertwined like a celtic knot for thousands of years. Baptism’s themes of purification, embracing of new life and welcoming a child into the family are eternal themes we have celebrated since we first started bashing rocks together in some palaeolithic cave.

The timing of Easter is based on the Vernal Equinox, an important pagan festival of birth, rebirth and purification …. although the calculation of the date of Easter around the equinox can be a bit of a headache: Easter should fall on the first Sunday after the full moon following the Vernal Equinox. Got that? Basically, you calculate the date of the equinox, work out when the next full moon is after the equinox and then Easter falls on the Sunday following that full moon – any time between March 22nd and April 25th … oh, and if the equinox falls on the 19th or 20th of March, just pretend it was the 21st – it makes things a lot easier.

Easter itself is named after a pagan goddess of Spring and new life, Eostre. Interestingly, she is closely linked in mythology with the hare (or if you prefer, the Mad March Hare) that many thought laid eggs at Easter – hence the “Easter Bunny” … and what’s our most popular Christening gift at this time of year? … you’ve guessed it … a Silver Egg Cup.


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