What to Engrave on a Christening Cup

Christening cups, mugs and tankards are very popular Christening gifts for both boys and girls. Here at CHRISTENINGsilver, over 60% of our cups are engraved before dispatch.

We are often asked for advice on what should be engraved on a Christening Cup.

The most common engraving design includes the child’s initials and a date. The date is a bit of a moveable feast – some choose to engrave the date of birth whilst others prefer to mark the date of the Christening. There is no fixed rule here and it comes down to personal preference, although we have engraved a higher proportion of dates that fall in the future, suggesting that these are being chosen in advance of the Christening.

Christening Cup with initials and a date

The next design includes just the Christian name and a date. This is a more intimate design and has become increasingly popular when initials may appear a bit formal.

Christening cup engraving on two lines

Sometimes we are asked to engrave the full name. This is an acceptable variant, but it is important to consider the balance of the design. The first name and surname are usually the most important and you don’t want to dominate the design with the middle names. This is definitely a design to use with care. Always consider which names will appear on which line.

Christening Cup engraving on three lines

Some of our Christening cups are engraved with a name, a location and a date. In this instance the location is usually the place of the Christening and the date is then always the Christening day. It is worth considering the amount of text required when choosing this format, since the more text you need, the smaller (and less legible) it will be since the text will need to be reduced to fit into the available engraving space.

Engraved Christening cup with the Christening location

Finally, it is not uncommon for Grandparents or Godparents to engrave a message on the Christening cup. Once again, consider the space carefully. “With our Love” or “On your Christening” work well, but don’t write a sermon, it won’t look that great and will be hard to read.

If you have any concerns about what to engrave or what it will look like, simply drop us an email with your preferred text and the name (or item code) of the Christening Cup you want engraved and we will email you a proof within 24 hours and advise on alternatives if your initial ideas are unsuitable.