New teething rings added to our Silver Baby Rattle collection

silver teether rattle

Since 2006, CHRISTENINGsilver has built up a comprehensive range of silver baby rattles. For 2013 we are adding to this collection with a series of teething rings in sterling silver and silver plate.

Teething rings with silver rattles attached were a popular Christening gift at the turn of the last century, and these modern examples reflect the style of their Victorian and Edwardian counterparts. Whilst nowadays these teethers are considered rather more ornamental than practical, you should be prepared for them to receive a few bashes and dents on the way. If you look at any antique version, it is sure to carry one or two dents here and there if it’s been treated as intended ….

silver teether rattle

These make great gifts for both boys and girls. You can see the full range on our Silver Rattles page.